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Compliance dictates that all Australian employers make sure staff know what to do in case of fire – where the emergency exits are, where to gather in an evacuation and who to look to for guidance.

Be prepared – we can help

Fire Services Queensland regularly manages compliant Evacuation Procedures for businesses and organises training for key personnel. From residential body corporates to major railway stations to commercial high-rises, FSQ provides up to date training and procedures for all sectors. All of our trainers are Queensland Building and Construction Commission-licensed (QBCC) and training-qualified.

Why FSQ?

  • We’re fire safety experts
  • We handle your compliance
  • We’re competitively priced
  • We’re the one-stop shop for all things fire safety
  • We adapt to your individual needs
  • We maintain your system after installation
  • All our staff are local and friendly

FSQ provides:

  • A FREE site survey
  • A FREE maintenance quote
  • Prompt assessment and installation times
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Adherence to current installation codes for total compliance

FSQ technicians are:

  • QBCC-licensed
  • Trained in various systems

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