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FireMate – The only electronic management system specifically built for the Australian Fire Protection Industry on the market for sale today!

FireMate has been designed and developed in Australia to assist fire protection contractors manage the requirements of Australian Standards AS1851 and the ever increase modern day demands of their clients.

FireMate is not a generic service application that also does fire protection. FireMate is purpose built fire protection maintenance software. This means we have the sole focus and interests of fire protection contractors, which allows us to automate and streamline our software to make it comprehensive but simple to use.

Building the best fire protection software is what we do. It’s who we are and what we are all about!



Just some of the ways Firemate can save you, contact us today for more!

Fully Responsive

FireMate Mobile has been built using responsive web design and will work on any device*!
This reduces upfront cost and allows you to utilise your existing devices.


Benefits of FireMate include


online access

Real time


Scheduled maintenance is strictly observed

Upgrades are carried out in line with legislation

Our system of choice

Fire Services Queensland uses the FireMate electronic system – the only electronic management system created for the Australian Fire Protection Industry.

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